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JAPAN “SPOT” Desk Top Type( MINI ) Fully Automatic
JAPAN "SPOT" Automatic Strapping Machine
JAPAN “UCHIDA” Bundling Machine
Switzerland “ATS” Banding Machine
Banding / Strapping machine「special」TAPE
Special made strapping tape for SPOT machine
Switzerland “ATS” Banding Machine
US-2000 AD
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Product description:

~A General Agent of Taiwan ~
What is Ultra-Sonic ? --------- The Ultra-Sonic welds a band with 40,000Hz.
The cold welding technology of ATS has the following advantages:

Cost effective because of economical material, low energy cost and maximum
1. Instantly ready for operation 
Preheating of the machine is not necessary
2. Durable 
Guaranteed and tear resistant weldingVery reliable and durable technologySuited for use in the food industry and in clean rooms
3. Clean 
No odor and no smoke build-up
No plastic residues
Suited for use in the food industry and in clean rooms
4. Safe 
The Ultra-Sonic technology is harmless and radiation-free
There are no burning injuries due to heat
No damage to your product
5. Adjustable sealing strength 
The adjustment of the sealing strength is infinitely variable:
- slightly adherent for easy opening
- strong for great safety 

Cold welding technology ensures a durable, clean and safe operation.
Adjustable sealing strength
Easy operation
Low maintenance
Adjustable band tension
Soft tension to prevent product damage
 High quality for continuous operation

Food industry, Pharmaceutical products, Cleanroom and so on…


The US-2000 LB(left) and US-2000 AB(right) are equipped with an Ultra-Sonic sealing systemDifferent band widths, frame sizes (AB only) and options are available.

A  100(W) x B 120(H)mm
A  260 (W) x B 120/180/260/360(H)mm
A  360 (W) x B 180/260/360/500/750(H)mm
A  500 (W) x B 260/360/500/900(H)mm
A  700 (W) x B 260/360/500/750/900(H)mm
A  900 (W) x B 260/360/500(H)mm
A  1300(W) x B 750(H)mm

※ Customization Arch available

US-2000 RPB

The US-2000 RPB(Rotary Pick & Place banding machine) stacks and bands pharmaceutical products such as blister packs and sachets. The rotating feeder stacks up to 400 blister packs/min. Telephone cards, CDs and various other products can also be processed with the US-2000 RPB.

US-2000 SCB-PH

The US-2000 SCB-PH gathers, stacks and bands pharmaceutical packages with paper or film.

※There are other machines available, if you are interested, please contact with us.


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